Teshikaga Hokkaido, JAPAN

Activity Plan 03

Journey to enjoy the foods created from the rich earth

1 night 2 days


and Food

A unique climate of a 60°C temperature difference between summer and winter, a culture passed down by the Ainu people, a thriving livestock industry and natural environment, and a volcano that remains active—Teshikaga has many unique foods created from this diverse background of nature and culture that can only be tasted here.

Here is a suggested route that lets you try the distinctive food culture of Teshikaga. On this route, you can savor the flavor of locally-grown ingredients while getting a sense of the blessings from nature and animals that often go unnoticed in our everyday lives. Experience the nature and culture of Teshikaga through food.

DAY 1:p.m.

The Watanabe Experience Farm

The Watanabe Experience Farm is a guest ranch based on the concept of a “Ranch for Fun, Great Taste, and Learning.” It is a large ranch at the foot of Mount Kamui with many cows roaming.

This ranch, which protects animal welfare and raises healthy cows, offers a wide range of activities to try, including milking a cow and feeding the animals while listening to various commentary about cows, touring through the pasture on a tractor, and making delicious butter or ice cream. Learn more about what you eat while gaining a sense of the blessings of cows and nature.

DAY 1:Stay




Private villa that sits quietly midway up Mount Maruyama near the headwaters of the Kushiro River and is rented out to only one group a day. The only buildings on the premises are the lodging villa and a restaurant building, creating a special place just for you. At night, a dedicated chef prepares you originally-created Chinese-style foods made with ingredients grown in Teshikaga and other parts of Hokkaido in the restaurant building. The Chinese-style foods are based on Cantonese cuisine with the addition of unique ingredients for you to savor the deep flavors of the natural world.



A log house-style auberge near Lake Kussharo that opens only in the summer. The only rooms are two suites decorated with color-coordinated herb motifs. This restaurant serves ‘natural’ French cuisine that highlights freshness and quality, with fresh fish caught from the nearby sea, beef from Hokkaido, and seasonal vegetables bought from local farmers. Enjoy a delicious meal here while taking in a view of the expansive greenery during the day or peering at the starry sky from the window at night.

DAY 2:a.m.

Canoeing down Lake Kussharo

In this popular tour, you can canoe around Lake Kussharo and experience the beauty of the water, sky, and forest amidst the quiet stillness. The area of the Wakoto Peninsula that juts into Lake Kussharo is especially stunning. At the tip of the peninsula, you can see volcanic smoke billowing out of the Oyakotsu Jigoku up close. If the wind is in the right direction, you can also try going ashore and boiling eggs in the hot springs. The south part of the peninsula also has a hot spring that can only be reached by canoe and is a popular spot offering a special experience.

During the tour, the tour guide sometimes serves tea and coffee so you can enjoy tea time on a canoe floating on the expansive lake.

DAY 2:Lunch

‘Local production for local consumption’ Restaurant

After your canoe experience, the tour takes you to a restaurant based on the concept of local production for local consumption. The specialty of Restaurant and Cafe Poppotei in front of Mashu station is its Mashu pork rice bowl made with Hokkaido pork loin. It offers many other dishes as well, such as its excellent Yukimi Ramen featuring noodles and soup made from locally-grown ingredients. COVO, located very close to the Kushiro River, offers genuine Italian cuisine created with local ingredients. Its pasta and pizzas made with seasonal ingredients are irresistible.

After your meal, you will visit the Kussharo Kotan Ainu Folklore Museum in the Lake Kussharo Kotan area. This museum was built in 1982 to preserve the Ainu culture for future generations and houses over 400 documents, which allow you to learn about the wisdom of the Ainu people who have survived the harsh local climate.

Teshikaga Way Our efforts as a sustainable travel destination

Teshikaga is a town that places great importance on its efforts to protect the area's rich nature and the lives of the people that live there, so that they may be passed on to future generations.

Initiatives that allow both residents and visitors from around the world to enjoy the charm of the region in its natural state while respecting its cultural diversity.Initiatives to protect the rich ecosystem that is unique to this area.We kindly encourage everyone who lives in or visits Teshikaga to join us in our support for these three initiatives.

Enjoy Localhood Enjoy local attractions
Respect Culture Respect cultural diversity
Protect Nature Protect our rich ecosystems