Teshikaga Hokkaido, JAPAN

Teshikaga Hokkaido, JAPAN

Our aim is to create a cycle in which the natural environment and tourism can coexist, always keeping in mind that limited resources should also be protected while being utilized.

Come face-to-face with nature on an unprecedented scale at Teshikaga

Teshikaga is a town in Hokkaido surrounded by deep forests and beautiful water. 65% of the area of the town is located in the nature-rich Akan-Mashu National Park. The nature of Teshikaga is a vast and sprawling landscape, home to places such as Lake Mashu, one of the clearest lakes in the world; a hot spring town with a history of more than 100 years; Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan; and Mount Io, which steadily emits volcanic vapor. The residents who coexist with nature are another one of the town’s valuable assets. Travel to Teshikaga to experience it all for yourself.


The story of this town is one created by many bodies of water

Teshikaga is a town blessed with beautifully flowing water. Lake Mashu, with its mysterious deep blue color, Lake Kussharo, which gently supports the lives of this area’s people as a mother does for her children, and the beautiful Kushiro River which flows from Lake Kussharo. Hot springs and well water that flow from various parts of the town are also an important part of the town’s identity.

The allure of Teshikaga, a town that coexists with nature

Both the Ainu people who have woven their lives together with the blessings of nature without defiling it, and the pioneers who relentlessly plowed the ground of this land in the face of harsh natural conditions, are important people who built the foundation of the town we live in today. The wisdom of our ancestors, the warmth with which they welcomed visitors of all sorts, and the history and culture they have passed down have become the charm of this town and a vital facet of its foundation.

A rich food culture shaped by harsh natural conditions

The temperature difference between summer and winter is more than 60 degrees Celsius. This difference in temperatures allows for agricultural products to grow robustly, creating a food culture unique to Teshikaga. In addition to aromatic Mashu soba noodles, lush Mashu melons, and strawberries and mangoes grown in the heat of hot springs, unique Teshikaga products such as Mashu Beef, Teshikaga Pork, milk, and others serve as ingredients that are the highlight of any dish you make with them.

Activity Plan

Teshikaga Way Our efforts as a sustainable travel destination

Teshikaga is a town that places great importance on its efforts to protect the area's rich nature and the lives of the people that live there, so that they may be passed on to future generations.

Initiatives that allow both residents and visitors from around the world to enjoy the charm of the region in its natural state while respecting its cultural diversity.Initiatives to protect the rich ecosystem that is unique to this area.We kindly encourage everyone who lives in or visits Teshikaga to join us in our support for these three initiatives.

Enjoy Localhood Enjoy local attractions
Respect Culture Respect cultural diversity
Protect Nature Protect our rich ecosystems