Teshikaga Hokkaido, JAPAN

Activity Plan 01

Journey to immerse in and connect with nature

1 night 2 days



Teshikaga is one of the places in Japan with the richest natural environments, including Lake Mashu that is one of the clearest lakes in the world, its deep blue water called ‘Mashu Blue,’ Lake Kussharo that is Japan’s largest caldera lake, and Mount Io that was created by volcanic activity and continues to impart a sense of the Earth’s movement. The people in this town have explored sustainable tourist approaches such as trekking tours and canoe tours for visitors to enjoy the scenery while keeping it protected.

Here are some suggested routes with a focus on enjoying the nature in Teshikaga at your own pace and experiencing the soothing feeling of the clear air and water. These excellent routes for any time of the year let you enjoy scenery that transforms completely every season, with vibrant flora and fauna from spring to summer, colored leaves and a peaceful lakeside in autumn, and the snowy landscape in winter.

DAY 1:p.m.

Mashu Forest Trekking Tour

A trekking tour through the forest is perfect for those who want an in-depth experience of the natural area. The Teshikaga Trail Club, a local nonprofit organization, develops and inspects trekking routes and opened the Mashu Kussharo Trail in October 2020. On this long trail spanning 44 km from Lake Mashu to Lake Kussharo, you can experience nature and culture, including the beautiful mountains and lakes, a hot spring area, and an Ainu village called a ‘Kotan.’

For those who want real mountain climbing, we recommend seeing the stunning views from Mount Kamui and Mount Pekere.

DAY 1:Stay

Camping in nature May to October


Camp Wakotokohan

This is a camping field facing the lake near the Wakoto Hot Spring. There are also bungalows for inexperienced campers who want a more comfortable stay. Indulge yourself in leisurely camping while gazing at the mountains from the tranquil lakeside.



Camping field that faces Lake Kussharo. This is renowned as a unique camping area where hot springs bubble out from holes if you dig in the sand on the lakeside. You can set up a tent sauna to enjoy a natural sauna—the perfect spot for sauna lovers.

DAY 2:a.m.

Enjoy canoeing down the Kushiro River headwaters

The clear Kushiro River, which is known as the sacred place for canoeists, is a first-class river and one of the few in Japan with no dams or weirs from head to mouth. You can enjoy canoeing down the river any time of the year with a local tour guide. The head of the Kushiro River winds through the forest on a meandering path. The beauty that transforms each season captivates many visitors.

Partway down the river, you can see the distinctive scenery of a headwater area with the Kagami no Ma (“mirror room”) with its clear spring water and the so-called Hidden Swamp wetlands. If you are lucky, you may even see some of the river area’s fauna, like deer, foxes, and seasonal birds. Deeply experience the workings of nature in the quietly flowing river.

DAY 2:Lunch

Lake Mashu Kamuy Terrace

Observatory 1, which is the most popular of the three observatories offering a panoramic view of Lake Mashu, re-opened in 2022 as Mashu Kamuy Terrace. The observation space is covered in glass to better highlight the beauty of the lake and provides special sofas whose angle is adjusted to enjoy the starry night sky. The view spreading before your eyes from the terrace of the deep blue hue of Lake Mashu, Mount Kamui, and Kamuishu Island in the middle of the lake is breathtaking. While savoring the stunning scenery, you can also get a light meal at the cafe in the terrace building that offers Mashu coffee made from locally grown soybeans and soft-serve ice cream made from fresh milk.

Teshikaga Way Our efforts as a sustainable travel destination

Teshikaga is a town that places great importance on its efforts to protect the area's rich nature and the lives of the people that live there, so that they may be passed on to future generations.

Initiatives that allow both residents and visitors from around the world to enjoy the charm of the region in its natural state while respecting its cultural diversity.Initiatives to protect the rich ecosystem that is unique to this area.We kindly encourage everyone who lives in or visits Teshikaga to join us in our support for these three initiatives.

Enjoy Localhood Enjoy local attractions
Respect Culture Respect cultural diversity
Protect Nature Protect our rich ecosystems